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Recruitment sites/agencies in Sydney


I am interesting in moving to Sydney with my German partner, but he would need to be offered a job first because (as far as I can tell) neither of us have enough points to get a skilled indepdent visa. Although I'm still very confused about how that all works...

Anyway the question I'd be really grateful for help with is: where to look for jobs in Sydney? I have tried Google, but of course there are so many sites, and it's hard to know which catch the most jobs... for example, here in Frankfurt I found (after a long time searching) that & show jobs from many recruitment agencies and sites, in a great range of fields. But they might not be the best options in Sydney.

A little more info: my partner studied electrical engineering (masters level) and management (also to masters level), and is hoping to find a graduate/entry level position in either of those areas, or one which combines the two.

I'd very much appreciate any help!

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