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Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Local Family (Taipei)

Chinese New Year is coming!
The celebration traditionally starts from Chinese New Year Eve (which falls on 30th Jan in Protected content lasts until the Lantern Festival on 14th Feb. Most of the celebratory activities run during the first 6 days of Chinese New Year.

Here are some traditional activities and customs that a local Taiwanese family practice during Chinese New Year. We invite you to join us on one of the following dates!

Activities on the 30th Jan - Chinese New Year Eve:
- Learn calligraphy and Write the Chinese New Year couplets to wish for a better future
- Enjoy a traditional hot pot meal, all home-made by my mother
- Learn how to play Mahjong, a traditional board game involving tiles
- Experience the custom of exchanging Red packets and Lucky money
- Stay awake as long as you can overnight as a blessing for parents to have a longer life

Activities on 31st Jan to 4th Feb:
- Visit some temples and learn how to worship like a local
- Play cards and learn how to play Mahjong
- Chat over traditional tea and tea snacks
- Experience a lucky draw in a traditional snack shop
- Have a Taiwanese style BBQ on the yard of our old house. We live in an old style house which is called san-ho-yuan in Mandarin (三合院).
- Set off firecrackers and fireworks, a custom to expel ghosts
- Enjoy sightseeing at the nearby Salt Mountain and sample delicious street food in Tainan.

There will be groups of relatives visiting us during the Chinese New Year, so be prepared to meet many friendly new faces!

Location: Tainan City
Price: from 20 USD (per person price)

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