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Expat with a million questions :) (Taipei)


Hi everyone, I'm a Cali girl living in Mexico and my boyfriend and I are considering moving to Taiwan. We really wanted to get some expats perspective on things before we go and would love as many peoples points of views on things as we can get. Thanks everyone for your help. :) Sounds like a great community on here. Do you have regular meetups? Anyway here are the questions.

1) I am super scared of earthquakes and the typhoons in Taiwan. Have you experienced any yet?
2) How is the cost of living there?
3) How easy is it to get a work permit and how long to get?
4) Easy for a Mexican to get a job besides teaching english?
5) Average salary for foreigners?
6) Is it easy to integrate into the community regardless of the lack of knowledge on the local language? We will be learning chinese but right now we can only say hello and thank you and probably because of the complex tone issue in the language we are probably saying two other words and not know it. haha
7) Is seeing a doctor and using the hospital expensive?
8) Has anyone seen any big non-profit agencies there? (my boyfriends specialty)

Thanks everyone :) By the way i'm on facebook under Protected content if you would like to connect. :)

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