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Fun for expats in Tallinn

Hi everyone,

I just figured I'd start of one "fun"-thread, with this amazing video to set the mood (click "HD" for nicer quality):

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Anyway, now that we have met up once, I wanna get down to business, do something useful - what do we in the InterNations community have to give which you need?

Myself, I need to find a buddy to do some extended period low-intensity sport with, like maybe badminton or something, which doesn't bore the heck out of me. Running or just going to the gym is not working very well, I would love something with a competitive edge which doesn't blow my overweight heart out.

Secondly, I'm a huge movie and tech fan, and I think I have buddies in Luis and Victor there? I'm gonna bring parts of my movie collection next time, just so you know.

What do you want? Buddies for a pub crawl? Cultural experiences? Seeing unique things of Estonia? Don't be afraid to bring it up, and let's use the forums in a way that we take into consideration that people may not visit the forums very frequently, it's not because they think your post is not interesting :-)

I'll start another thread for discussiong what to make of the next meetup specifically, and we'll see where we end up. We know we want to have it on Wednesday April 8th, but that's also pretty much it for now.



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