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Who cares about InterNations? (Tallinn)

Hey everyone!

First of all, it's good to see a bit of a community here in Tallinn on InterNations, we're 46 registered members right now, cool! However, I'm sure we all have many more international friends who are not here, and well... maybe it's fine that way as well.

Actually, InterNations are having some obvious problems with achieving momentum in the local communities, inspiring users to add content and connecting with other services. I don't expect that to suddenly change, so let me just say that I'm especially open to connecting with swedes in Tallinn, and that I exist primarily in other places online as well, like facebook and these:

Protected content - my blog about emigrating to Estonia
Protected content - my personal and primarily nerdy blog
Protected content - my professional page on linkedin
Protected content - my beautiful pictures :-)

Why InterNations doesn't encourage users to connect to their other presence online or image themselves as "exclusive" is a mystery to me...

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