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Career Coaching - only for the next 2 weeks! (Tashkent)

Do you jump out of bed every morning and rush a to job you love? Or is your work just a way to pay the bills?

Here is a unique opportunity to help you choose an entirely new career, an entrepreneural path, or the ideal job in your present field. Only until August 20, you can book a Career Breakthrough session with me in Tashkent.

I am am experienced international career design coach. I have worked with many expats and local professionals in Paris, New York, London and Istanbul and helped them design a new career that they love and that is realistic and attainable. I have helped dozens of international professionals to land the perfect job in their new field using personal marketing and networking.

If your work life is an area that lacks satisfaction and fulfillment, or if you want a career that gives you more money, more freedom or more success, don't wait till tomorrow. Email or call ( Protected content ) to book your one-to-one Career Breakthrough session now.

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