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Exhibition: DUMP on the 19th OCT (Tashkent)

Ladies & Gentlemen

SVETOPIS’ Gallery invites you
to an event under the name
which will be opening our exposition season of Protected content
your presence will add the value to exhibits
to the level of pure gold.
Be kind enough to confirm it in your reply.
We are waiting for you at
32, M.Gandi st. (near Park Telman)
On the 19th of October, Protected content 19:00
RSVP & More information at: Protected content
Protected content (dial with code Protected content

in process of time
achievements of human thoughts
fall out of use and become garbage
or a museum exhibit
what determines the choice?
people? occasions ? historical justice?
Museum – Dump
time - small and sufficient
value and pricelessness
underestimation of something valuable at its time
who is crawling to the cemetery quicker?
people or the surrounding them circumstances of comfort and technical progress?
the world survived because it has laughed
and if the world would cry more often
how soon would it be in the bin?
or is that about something else?))

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