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Looking for someone to adopt a 7 weeks old kitten (Tbilisi)

Hi there!

Well, I am looking for someone in Batumi to look after a 7 weeks old black kitten girl, who I saved a month ago when she was almost frozen to death. I can even cover the vaccines, medicines, and food.

Admiringly, she is a gorgeous kitten, who I named Shavi ( Black in Georgian ) truly silent, easygoing, and lovely one.

I know all 'kitten saving' stories are similar. But all are special for the person who deeply felt that horrify inside. However, first of all, I've heard they were mewling from somewhere around our backyard, btw we're living on the 10th floor. And already living with two cats for last 8 years.

The day after I started to hear that mewling, went to check the backyard and found two tiny black kittens, around 2.5-3 weeks old. They were obviously orphan, dirty, covered with mud and sick as well.

For around 3 days, I've fed them with wet pet food, water, built a cathouse, left hot water filled bottles but didn't work. 4th day I found them frozen, one passed away, and this baby girl has survived after CPR and 5 hours of hair drying.

The cat who was walking around two days ago wasn't able to stand up, drink or eat anything. I kept her warm, fed with baby formula, the one for the newborns.

She was infested with fleas, so I had to bath her two times with apple garlic, which she actually enjoyed the warm water pool.

Within the days, she got better, grown up, appetent, healthy, and social. And not mewling. Literally. She only 'speaks' silently while I am preparing her formula, that I am still bottle nursing her, two times in a day. As well as she is eating cat food, wet and crispy, yogurt, ayran; I am still bottle nursing her with the formula to support her immune system and development. Trough, she is still feeble, kinda weak, but sure she'll gain asap.

The problem is, I already have 2 adult cats who I live with. And you know how they are, not happy and kinda protesting. Plus, we are an expat couple and working home-office, so spending most of our life in a big living room, already as Protected content and cats ) and the fifth will become a problem sometime soon, unfortunately.

After all, if you would like to adopt a 7 weeks old black kitten girl and give a new life, please contact me on xxxx

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