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need work in Canary Island (Tenerife)

Hello to everybody.I am from Bulgaria and I want to relocate with my family to Canary Island.At the beginning I intend to go alone and if everything is O.K.,then the rest of the family(wife and child).Now I am starting to learn Spanish but meantime I am looking for job opportunity online.I know that will be luck to find something online and without Spanish,but who knows,maybe I will get lucky :).I speak English{not pefect,but decent) and most of the jobs that I have been working are in sales(shops mainly,even at this moment)but I also worked in cleaning,constructions,driver,agriculture and other things,so I will do any kind of work!My request is if somebody can share information about the Canary Islands and can help of finding job or in anyway I will be much obliged!Thank you

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