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Commuting to Amsterdam. Feasible? (The Hague)

Hi Community!

I recently accepted a job offer in Amsterdam and am looking forward to moving to the Netherlands!

However, as cool as Amsterdam is, I much prefer the vibe of The Hague! So now I started looking into the feasibility of commuting between the two cities and would love to hear your opinion/ experience.

- I read that it takes about one hour. True?
Can you rely on the public transportation system? Are trains usually reliable and punctual? Or should I calculate extra time to make sure to arrive on time?
- Are trains equipped in a way that makes it easy to work while on the train (wifi, outlets)?
- I read that the ticket cost is around 12 EUR. Is there a monthly ticket you use/ recommend?

I should mention that I will be working on a hybrid system and only have to be in the office two days per week (the rest being home office days).

I think the question is: Would you recommend it?

Thanks a lot!

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