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Welcome to the InterNations Community for The Hague

Goededag, and welcome to InterNations Community of expats in The Hague; one of the Netherlands' most important cities. Our network resources provide a wealth of invaluable information to help from your initial relocation right through to enjoying your new Dutch lifestyle. Our detailed guides will help you navigate the various districts and surrounding cities, and provide essential information on the different economic strengths of the city, among other things. You'll be comforted to know our platform in general and our forum in particular make it easy to connect with other expats who are happy to share tips and give advice based on their own experiences. Ask any question you wish, from "where can I park my car?" to "where are the best sports facilities?"; InterNations opens the door to your new life in The Hague.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Brussels or Abu Dhabi.

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  • Moving to The Hague

    The Hague is a major political center of the Netherlands and the EU and a move there can open up great prospects in international law. Before moving to The Hague, the Netherlands’ largest city, get informed! Our guide on moving to The Hague has all the details on visas, transportation, and more.
  • Living in The Hague

    While living in The Hague, you’ll be right at the pulse of Europe! Its many international institutions make it a global city of peace and justice. But there’s a lot more to The Hague. Our expat guide on living in The Hague takes a closer look at education, housing, and healthcare in the city.
  • Working in The Hague

    As an expat working in The Hague, you’ll benefit from the opportunities it offers. Since its transformation into the city of peace and justice in the 20th century, The Hague has been home to many expats. We’ll give you an insight into working in The Hague, with info on permits, job hunting, and more!

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A Royal City of Festivals

As the seat of the government and official residence of the Royal family, as well as home to the International Court of Justice, The Hague, capital of the Haaglanden region on the West Coast, has often been referred to as the "legal capital of the world" and thus presents legal, judicial, and political career opportunities. Other industries for expats include the oil and gas industry, aerospace, media, software design, science, research, and telecommunications. Obtaining a work permit can be complicated for those from outside of the EU, so check our guide on working in The Hague for more details. Cuisine in The Hague takes advantage of the city's multicultural nature, with international food sold at the Haagse Markt and Chinese dishes available in nearby Chinatown. Traditional Dutch Cuisine is typically made up of vegetables, meat and fish. Cheese and bread are breakfast staples and Snert, a thick pea soup, provides a comforting defense against chilly winters. The Hague is also known as the number one Dutch festival city; take advantage by attending the spectacular International Fireworks Festival and enjoy dancing to Jazz on the Canal festival. Shopping Night sees fashion shows and large discounts throughout the city until midnight, and for local color go along to Vlaggetjesdag, a festival celebrating the arrival of the first herring to the city.

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Find New Friends and Dance the Night Away in The Hague

Finding new friends when relocating can be both tricky and intimidating, but InterNations helps with a variety of events and groups for expats in The Hague. Our members like to meet up to enjoy music, dance, jogging, the outdoors, snooker, and nightlife, to name just a few activities, so you are bound to find like-minded friends. Our community has been established to solve as many problems as possible, so you can confidently move forward to becoming another happy expat in The Hague.

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