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New in Den Haag! Need advice :) (The Hague)

Hello everyone. We are moving from Singapore to Den Haag this July and we have a couple of questions on living in Den Haag that we hope fellow Internations friends can help advise on.

1. Bicycles

One of the things we look forward to are cycling. We have been advised different things by both locals and expats. Some say we should buy bicycles in Singapore and ship them over (our shipping/relocation costs are covered), while some say that bicycles are reasonably affordable in NL. What do you think?

2. SIM card

I notice that in NL, they sell sim-only packages and also mobile phone plus sim packages. We have unlocked phones that we could use with sim-only packages but at the same time, we are open to get new phones together with sims. We are looking into postpaid package (monthly contract), so do we get good deals in NL for mobile+sim package? Which telco offers the better deal - KPN, Vodafone, T-mobile?

3. Internet and TV

Is fibre connection fairly common in NL? Which companies provide a decent package for internet and TV, and is it common to find packages that cover mobile as well?

If you guys know any good source of information (preferably in English) that you can point to me to read up, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks everyone!

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