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Role Playing Games (The Hague)

Good afternoon friends,

This is a message for all you gamers in Zuid Holland. I am looking for (table top) role playing game players in Zuid Holland. My club in Gouda has not enough players anymore, so I am looking for other players in the area. We can play in Rotterdam, Gouda, or even in The Hague if the group is big enough (and if someone agrees to host it).

As for the games being played, we are open to most classics, but the group already has regular sessions of:
- D&D
- Legends of the 5 Rings
- Earthdawn
- OdM (in English, the Black Eye)

I can also personally organize new sessions for:
- Legends of the Burning Sands
- Star Wars (1st Ed)
- Nephilim (2nd Ed)
- James Bond 007
- Shadowrun (3rd Ed)
- Warhammer (1st Ed)

If you don't understand what this message is all about, don't worry, we also accept new players and we are happy to introduce our hobby to everyone interested.

Best regards,

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