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Thesis Research (The Hague)

Hi everyone, I am doing my thesis now and am looking into ways that Den Haag Marketing could be of better service to Expats. Den Haag Marketing is mainly directed at tourists so they are the ones that give information about attractions, events and everything regarding recreation.

I am looking for 10 expats who would like to help me with a personal interview in the next 3 weeks. It could be a great opportunity to meet new people. We could do the interview in groups of 3, so me and 2 more people or it could be just one on one. I want to have a broad idea of what the needs are, not only for the people that live here already for many years, but also from people that just arrived and still need to find their way around.

We can meet either at the office or somewhere in a café, I will buy you a drink ;).

Please let me know if you can help by reacting to this post or if you can send me a private message. You can also send a text or whatsapp to Protected content .

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