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Warning for British members with elderly relatives (The Hague)

People do not always want to read newspapers from home when they are abroad, but if you have elderly sick relatives back home, there's someting you need to be aware of.

There are some terrible articles going around in the Daily mail about how doctor's in the UK have been told to put elderly sick people on death lists, even when they are not terminal yet, and how many old people are being given euthanasia without wanting it in UK hospitals. 29% of deaths in UK hospitals are caused by terminal sedation. This can also be carried out without the knowledge of relatives or permission of the family.

Here is just one of the examples.

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One reader commented:

My anger is directed at whoever dreamt up this LCP idea. My God, if we treated animals like this we'd be before the courts for cruelty. Absolutely nothing like this should be done without full & frank discussion with the patients family, giving them the opportunity to seek another medical opinion, which is anyones right."
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More horrible articles below...

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3,000 doctors putting patients on 'death lists' that single them out to be allowed to die By Steve Doughty

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Care? No, this is a pathway to killing people that doctors deem worthless
By Melanie Phillips

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