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Traditional European Bread (Tianjin)

I have a request for helping me find local food distributors and bakeries in India. I am representing a large Dutch industrial bread manufacturing bakery company that supplies bread to the big Dutch supermarkets. The industrial bread produced is good quality packed with gas for long 2 months shelf life. Think of bun rolls and italian breads, croissants etc for sandwiches.

I am looking to know if you can help me with names of local supermarket chains in India that would be interested in buying high quality bread at low retail prices to sell. This industrial bakery in Europe that can make large quantities of european style bread in low cost manufactured bread sold at low cost to other countries that want eat sandwiches and need quality bread rolls.

Can you please provide me some information on the import duties of bread products to your country and the bigger food retail chains that would be interested in buying low price high quality bread.

Can you please forward my email to the head office to contact me ?

We deliver to:
• Off-trade (directly)
• On- and Off-Trade distributors
• Importers and wholesale food buyers
• Supermarkets and retail chains and convenience stores
• Fast food chain restaurants and coffee shops and sandwich cafes
• Travel (gas stations and airports) and leisure (hotel, canteen) catering companies
• Minimum order quantity Protected content container
• CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) or CFR prices

Viren C Chanmugan, CFA

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Viren C Chanmugan, CFA

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