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Ni hao and welcome to our community of expats in Tianjin, China's fourth-largest city. InterNations is a global network of people living and working abroad, through which you can connect with other expats online and offline and seek advice and information as you relocate. Our comprehensive guides have been created especially to help expats make the move to Tianjin and will help you prepare for your new life. Find answers to your questions such as, "can I commute from the suburbs outside the city?" and "is pollution a problem in Tianjin?". You also have access to our busy forum of expats already living in Tianjin who are happy to share their experiences and first-hand knowledge of the city. Ask day-to-day questions or share your concerns and find the answers to your dilemmas, from tricky paperwork and real estate negotiations to finding great sports facilities. With InterNations you are part of an informed and friendly community of fellow internationals.

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  • Moving to Tianjin

    Are you planning to move to Tianjin? This is a flourishing Chinese city with a rich history, strong current growth and a promising future. Get prepared before you depart to Tianjin with our guide and learn all about the climate, accommodation and more.
  • Living in Tianjin

    Situated in northern China, Tianjin is a city associated with innovation and financial reform and as such has become a popular location with expatriates from around the globe. In this guide, we introduce you to life in Tianjin, from education to leisure opportunities.
  • Working in Tianjin

    Recent economic growth has attracted many people from overseas to work in Tianjin. Foreign nationals may be brought in by global corporations with interests in China, while others apply on an individual basis for employment in Tianjin. InterNations provides you with an introduction to the local economy, tips on job hunting, and more.

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While banking, financial services, and farming are important industries in Tianjin, manufacturing is the largest and fastest-growing sector with petrochemicals, textiles, metalworking, mechanical industries, and automotive manufacturing leading the way. Other industries include IT, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals while the new port area is attracting interest from international corporations such as Toyota and Motorola. English teachers are also in demand and for many jobs it is not essential to speak Mandarin. Experience stunning views from the Tianjin Eye, explore the enormous Tianjin Museum or the bright lights of the Jinwan Plaza housing lively restaurants, bars, and pubs. For history lovers there is a section of the Great Wall that passes the city and the Tianjin Ancient Culture Street plays host to the 14th-century Tianhou Palace.

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Relocating to a new city can be daunting but is made much easier with friends to share in your experiences. InterNations provides this opportunity with our regular events where our members can meet, socialize, network, and have fun together. You'll soon find that you're part of an exciting network of global minds. Don't forget to look into our InterNations Groups too, and find like-minded expats to share your hobbies and explore the city within our City Discovery Group. With InterNations you are part of a supportive community, so that whatever your new life holds you know that you're not alone; before you even land in Tianjin you already have friends waiting to meet you.

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