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9 Things You Should Try in Japan (Tokyo)

As to Japan, it’s a great country to travel and there are thousands of Japan in thousands of travelers.

As a nice place to travel, you can do many amazing things. Now I list 9 things that you should try to perfect your Japan travel, after which you will feel a different Japan.

1. To Watch the fireworks festival

The summer of Japan is quite colorful and amazing, while fireworks festival is one of the most famous things in this season. The blooming fireworks passing over sky look like meteors. You can only get the romantic feeling on the scene.

2. To pray and draw an Omamori in shrines

Omamori in Japanese shrines, which serve like amulets, is not rich in classifieds but also very cute. Go to the shrines to draw an Omamori to pray safety for you and your families.

3. To eat the real Japanese ramen

Ramen is one of the most representative gourmets of Japan. The chewy ramen and fragrant soup all are delicacies you can’t miss!

4. To have a bath in Japanese onsen

Having a bath in onsen is a must-experience in Japan travel, especially in the natural outdoor hot spring, which allows you feel the charming of nature when relaxing yourself.

5. To have a drink in izakaya

“Anyway, enjoy a glass of ale !”

In Izakaya, a kind of traditional bar in Japan, you can enjoy gourmet and have a drink, as well as chat with friends freely!

6. To try the kimono

Kimono is one of the symbols of Japan.

Wearing the elegant kimono and geta, taking a purse and wandering on traditional streets with Japanese style, you will have a great journey of romance.

7. To climb up the Tokyo Tower

As one of the landmarks of Japan, Tokyo Tower is always beautiful no matter in daytime or at night. Standing ob the summit of the tower, you will oversee the whole Tokyo.

8. To watch a sumo match to feel the “hand-to-hand” fight

Sumo wrestling is praised as the “national sports” of Japan, which has very high status in Japan. If you want to know Japanese culture deeply, you should watch a sumo match to feel its unique charm.

9. To have a sleep in capsule hotel

If you want to have a special travel experience in Japan, why not try the capsule hotel?

Although small, it has tables and TVs, which will definitely bring you the experience you never have!

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