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Looking to move to Japan (Tokyo)

Hello all,

I still currently reside in London, UK but I am looking at finding opportunities to make the move to Japan in the future.

I've been doing research over the last few weeks and I have discovered that finding work seems to boil down to having one of two basic requirements. Either a person has a Master degree to allow them to teach English or they have a good grasp of the Japanese language to be able to take a role like in IT (which I have over 15 years of experience in).

This has left me wondering what my chances would be at finding work (of any kind) as I have neither a degree and have only recently started to teach myself the language.

I'm hoping that I can get advice from people who have made the move to Japan and have found work and were possibly in the same situation that I'm in now.

{edit 01/07/11}

I should mention that I will be visiting Japan in October for a couple of weeks to see in person how things stand and hope to be able to meet people and check out places.



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