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Maid or Cosplay Cafes...who has a contact? (Tokyo)

Hi everybody.

my Name is Marvin and I work for a German TV-Production. We're planning a documentary abot a young girl who wants to work in a Maid Cafe in Tokyo. Acutally she's more looking for a "mini-internship" for Protected content , than real job. She wants to open her own Maid Cafe in Germany someday and seeks for good ideas and inspiration in the homeland of Manga and Anime.

--> Does anybody have a contact to one of these Maid or Cosplay Cafes and can help me get her a job there?
--> It could also be helpful to talk to somebody who is in touch with the Manga/Anime-crowd

About the girl: her name is Lara and she's 21 years old. She already works in a Maid Cafe in Germany. Unfortunately she only speaks a few words of japanese.

Thanks a lot for every help an tip you can give me :-)

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