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Save Taketomi-island in Okinawa (Tokyo)

Please help in protecting the pristine beach in Okinawa !

Here’s its rough translation :

This signature was launched to oppose the "Taketomi Island Kondoi Beach Resort Hotel Construction Plan" by RJ Estate Co.
The plan was announced in November Protected content RJ Estate Co. which intend to construct a resort hotel on a land of approximately 21,100 m2 near Kondoi Beach on Taketomi Island.

We are asking for an anti-signature as this construction plan is being conducted without the agreement of Taketomi Island residents.
The main reasons to oppose this construction are the following five.

1. Development without agreement of the residents shouldn’t be allowed
200 people out of Protected content expressed opposition at the Taketomi public meeting held in Protected content .

2. The water for the lives of inlanders must be protected
The water supply in Taketomi Island is limit of 500t of per day, and the construction of the resort hotel may deplete household water.

3. Water of Taketomi will be polluted by the drainage from the resort hotel which may destroy the environment of the island
Although there is a high possibility that it will strongly stress the coral reefs of the surrounding sea, the environmental impact of the drainage of the hotel has not been investigated,

4. Lives of creatures and the ecosystem on and around the island should be protected
The large increase of visiters, with light pollution at night, may bring a major impact on the ecosystem of the island.

5. Traditional culture of the islanders should be preserved
The new businesses brought by the resort hotel may affect the lives of the islanders, making maintenance of traditional culture of the island, such as traditionl and religious rituals, more difficult.

【Share and Spread, please】
Please sign our petition opposing the construction of a new resort hotel on Taketomi Islands’s pristine Kondoi Beach.

We are collecting signatures to tell the developers of our firm opposition to the construction.

We appeal directly to Mr. Ichimaru, president of RJ Estate Co. responsible for the construction project.
“Do not build a resort on our island’s pristine beach !”

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