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Tips about daily life in Japan (To help me writing my new book...) (Tokyo)

Hello, my name is Luiza Meyer, and I live in Brazil.
I wonder if you could help me with tips about daily-life in Japan, specially celebrations during Christmas and New Years' eve.

I work in a travel agency that is specializes in selling Language Programs/Exchange Programs and I am also a writer. I have a book about High School Programs and now I am writing a new one about two girls (one brazilian and one japonese) that leave their home countries to study French in Montreal.

As I talk a lot about the Japanese girl (she lives in Osaka) but have never been to Japan (Unfortunately...), I would love to know any information tips that would help me to describe a 19-year-old girl daily life, including life in an University, how they usually celebrate Christmas and New Year's eve, a typical marriage celebration, etc...

Look forward to hearing from you! I am also glad to help you with any information you need about Brazil...

Best regards,
Luiza Meyer

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