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Unpleasant emails in the morning! (Tokyo)


Hello my IN-friends,

today I received two quite unpleasant messages from Mr. Takeuchi Hiro. He wrote as follows:

Hiro Takeuchi
Hey Wittig, I heard bad reputation about you.
You chase girls hip everytime? Everyone afraid you and your attitude.
I cannot welcome your attending.

Hiro Takeuchi
I already send report your office.
Dont notice your responsibility? You are happy man!

Now my question: Do you know this person? I remember talking to him once. He also told me that he graduated from the university I am teaching at. Now I am quite worried. Unfortunately due to his message settings I cannot answer to his accusations. Obviously he is thinking of me as somebody else. I have no explanation for his sudden messages, though we don't know each other and I never ever touched anybody neither man or woman on any hip.

To be honest, I feel kind of helpless and (of course) angry, because there is no way for me to tell him directly about this fatal misunderstanding. Can somebody tell me what to do? I already contacted our consul of Tokyo Nils Valentin and reported his messages.
I wonder what "I already send report your office." might mean. To my university?!

I really do appreciate your help.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon,

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