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Where would fit the bill for my wife to live? (Tokyo)

Where will my wife be happy to live in Japan?

Greetings fellow expats, and thanks for taking a minute to help. I’m in Japan on a recon trip to find where my wife and I can live for a year of cultural adventure. My wife’s needs are very specific, so can you suggest where I should look, please? Here are her precise needs, which makes it very easy, if such a place exists:

1. Mildest climate. She has severe arthritis, so cold winters are too uncomfortable for her. Someone suggested Kagoshima or Fukuoka. Are they much milder than Tokyo?
2. Outstanding gym. Because of her disease, she will be at the gym first thing every morning, and it will be the center of her world. It’s critical both for extensive fitness equipment and classes, but also social opportunities. It’s where she meets friends and she calls the gym her “bar.” Price is not important.
3. Apartment very near the gym. We’ll want to rent a furnished apartment immediately adjacent to the gym. Even in the same building, if possible. A short walk at the most.

I know Okinawa would be warm in winter, but we avoid small tropical islands, having lived on Oahu and Penang. Just not right for us. Tokyo and Osaka would be overwhelming for her, unless I can find a “neighborhood” with gym, nail salon, yoga studio all close together. Perhaps you can suggest a building complex that includes a great gym, and apartment rentals, with plenty of shops and services? Nightlife is not a factor, since we’re retired people who go to bed by 9:00 PM!

(I'll be with her, too, but I have no such requirements and will be happy anyplace where she'll be happy.)

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