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Drivers Licence Exchange in Great Britain (Toronto)

Hi Everybody,

I have got a job at Toronto and hopefully we will move around December with my husband. My future company will provide me car allowance also, so they said that I must have a valid Canadian drivers licence ASAP.

Our friends from UK suggested that we should exchange our licence in UK, as it is the fastest way to get the Canadian paper (without exams, etc.). We have also learnt from them that it is enough to send your current EU licence and another official ID by post with the forms and a money order and you will get your new papers within 15 days (together with your original documents). Naturally you must provide a local address also.

Well, it might be all right, but the question is for me that what will I do in that 15 days without my papers?? Or is it possible to fly to UK and apply for the exchange in person and wait for the papers right there..?

Does anybody have experience in terms of that issue?

Thank you in advance!


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