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Thank you to our Toronto Ambassadors


Responding to the announcement that Claire and Tarun are completing their term as Ambassadors for our Toronto Chapter, clearly they both deserve public acknowledgement of their good work, untiring devotion, innovation, and dedication to detail.

It's been a great year full of interesting activities and venues chosen by our Ambassadors for us, so all we, as members, had to to was "show up" and certainly a large number of us showed up at each of these events.

Some may say it's a thankless job to volunteer for such functions. I'm sure, as with all things, our Ambassadors must have had their moments when doubt was cast over an event as to whether it would be well-received or not. They came through every single time with success, joy, and the admiration of all who participated.

So, at the next event, let's make a point of lifting our glass and saluting them and thanking them for all they have done for us, some of which is toil behind the scenes to ensure that everything flows perfectly.

Cheers, Claire and Tarun!

Toronto Forum