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The 101 on the Toronto IN Community

I answered many questions for a new member recently and thought the whole community may benefit from this information.

We have Protected content as at June Protected content usually Protected content up to our events which are usually the last Friday of the month. The GTA is huge and not everyone can travel to meet. Also, Friday nights don't always work for everyone. We have tried hosting our events at different locations and different days/times of the week to accommodate more people and we always find that Protected content out.

The event that you will get monthly emails for is the "official" InterNations Toronto monthly event. Members are more than welcome to get together on their own outside of this event and are welcome to post any event ( top menu) they want to promote or feel would be of interest to other IN members. Since those events are not "official" IN events, we don't endorse them in any way. Note that offensive or hate-themed events will be removed.

We try to make the (sometimes) daunting idea of attending an event where you don't know anyone easier. You'll be given a name tag with a coloured dot on it. Find others with the same colour dot on their name tag and introduce yourself. This is meant to be a way for those who come alone or don't know anyone to quickly be able to get talking with others. It's just a way to break the ice. And yes, of course you can talk to others, even if they don't have the same colour dot on their name tag! This is just a way to get the conversation started.

If you are on Twitter, our hashtag is #TorontoIN.

People come to our "official" events for all reasons- some to network for business/job opportunities, some for friendship or dating, some just to see what IN is all about and gain understanding/connections with others from around the world. So please realize while you may be all about business, others may be just looking to relax and have a fun night. What is consistent, is the friendliness of our Toronto group.

If you are looking for specific work/industry information/connections please know that these may be searched for differently in Canada than in your home country. You can ask your Ambassadors ( jen or anjali ) for help in this area. Also, as you look through the Toronto community, you'll notice a "local scout" icon on some members' profiles. This means that they have self-selected themselves to provide information to others about various areas of interest in Toronto - these could be work, social, arts, etc. Reach out to these people as a way to get to know your community and to learn more about areas you want advice/help in.

Anjali and I are volunteers for InterNations and welcome your comments and feedback. We've really enjoyed hosting and growing this community and hope you enjoy your InterNations experience.


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