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Veterinary Issues - Relocation With Our Pets (Toronto)

Dear Members,

I would like to ask you kind comments regarding pet relocation issues. We have a lovely 12 year old cat and it is 100% sure that he will come with is to Toronto (I got a job there and we are planning to move around the beginning of December).

I got shocked as the vet costs are extremely high in Canada (here in Hungary we pay around 10% of your prices normally) and although our little furry family member is in a quite good condition, we will need medical help sooner or later for sure.

I have checked pet insurance options. They are affordable, but ask medical history and I am afraid that the Hungarian files are not acceptable. Plus, on the top of all that, current medical issues are not covered (he has urinary problems, he is on a diet, but that is all, nothing serious). I have found Petcard also, but as a newcomer I am afraid that our zero credit history will not be OK.

I am open to any suggestions.

Waiting for your kind comments.


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