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Activity group 'Discovering Tunisia'

Hello to all our group and other interested parties

I believe most of us are back in Tunis now so we can go ahead with an active programme throughout the late summer/autumn season.

We have put together a list of potential events and would welcome proposals and ideas from our members and friends.

Our list includes the following:
● September 8th 'Wine and cheese tasting' in La Marsa
Now that the weather is a little more comfortable (as long as the rain stops) we would like to propose starting the late summer season with a 'Cheese and wine tasting' evening next Saturday in La Marsa near the traditional café SafSaf. We hope to offer the wide range of wines from Domaine Atlas for tasting. Of course, if you particularly like something, you should be able to buy them afterwards as well. I will inform you of the details as soon as possible.

● September 9th 'Beachcombing' meeting at La Marsa and walking to Gamarth beach to collect driftwood and shells, flotsam and jetsam, etc. to create natural artworks from the collected treasures the following weekend

● September 16th creative arts with collected beach treasures the artist Wedji Selmi in La Marsa

Other ideas being planned:

● Musical evening with traditional Tunisian music played by "Mesk & Amber" accompanied by traditional Tunisian refreshments (tea with almonds, café Arabe and Bouza served with almond, pistachio and noisette cakes)

● Guided tour of the forests on the north-west coast including the cork oaks and other important plants and trees

● Guided tours of Roman remains such as Utica, El Jem with its fantastic museum of mosaics

● Painting courses at Sidi Bou Said and the Medina with local artist Wedji Selmi

● Hiking excursions to Beni Mtir, Ain Draham, Cap Blanc, etc.

● Visit to see the flora and fauna of the beautiful national park, Ischkeul

● Visit to abandoned Berber village Zriba and nearby beauty spot Takrouna

● Visit to Medina in Tunis with refreshments at restored café and restaurant Ali (sale of traditional handicrafts produced and displayed there)

● Visit to handicrafts school in Nabeul for courses in pottery, etc. and sightseeing in Medina

● Traditional Tunisian cooking, how to make the famous national dish Couscousi

I think that's more than enough to find out what you're interested in and we'll put together details as we go. Don't hesitate to offer your own proposals, we would be more than happy to include as many diverse topics as possible, taking into account the relevant local conditions at the time.

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