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Sven Baudach

Living in Tunis, from Germany

"With all of the information that InterNations provides at your fingertips, it's easy to understand why so many of us are grateful for this fantastic website."

Anna Maria Rossi

Living in Tunis, from Italy

"The InterNations forums helped me find information that I needed when I first moved to Tunis."

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Hello and Welcome to InterNations Tunis!

As-salamu alaykum, or hello and welcome, to the InterNations Tunis Community! As the primary resource for expats all over the globe to obtain insightful and timely information from reliable and friendly expats, InterNations is here to help you (and anyone with you) make a smooth landing after your relocation to Tunis or anywhere else around the world for that matter. So if you want to find the most expat-friendly areas in Tunisia's capital, want help learning the local languages of Arabic or French, or simply want to meet, greet, and relax with like-minded expats in Tunis, then InterNations is definitely for you.

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Tunisia is a modernized North African, predominantly Muslim country with good international business links. It is a center for tourism in the region. Life here is relaxed, laid back, and sun drenched, with heat often exceeding 40°C during summer months and rarely dipping below 20°C, even in winter. Tunisia's economy mainly relies on tourism, but the petroleum and mining industries are on the rise and jobs are widely available in these sectors for expats with the right skills and experience. With modern transportation links and excellent private schooling and medical facilities (although public services are often below Western standards so expats would be advised to look into private options) Tunis remains a fascinating and vibrant city in which to live and do business.

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Moving to a foreign country can be a stressful experience for any expat and the majority Muslim culture of Tunisia is no exception. The best way of dealing with culture shock is to remind yourself of home, so why not join InterNations and sample our wide range of expat-friendly activities or just meet and greet with friendly locals and international people? From soccer clubs, to networking and language courses or just social gatherings, there truly is something for every expat on InterNations! If you don't see a group for your favorite hobby, then why not start your own? With InterNations, your expat life has just become a lot easier.

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