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Humanitarian Aid for Misurata (Tunis)

The people of Misurata, Libya are in a major food and aid shortage, and international NGO’s are not responding fast enough. We need your donation to sustain our shipments into Misurata.

Libya Outreach has delivered $400,000 worth of medical relief and $20,000 of food and aid since it began its operation in Malta 04/10/11. 100% of donations go directly to aid.

We need a larger operation. Please donate to ensure that the people of Misurata are fed and treated as they face indiscriminate attack by Gaddafi forces. Please look to see what funds you can give to support them in their time of great need. .

Patients in Misurata dying without drugs.

Misurata has not had water or electricity in over a month. Food and medical supplies into the town have been cut. The only way the people of Misurata can be fed and treated is through the seaport. As their funds are frozen, they rely on donations from the international community and Libyans abroad to sustain them.

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Ferry shipment includes:

-Preserved foods such as milk, pasta, rice, oil, tomato paste, tuna, and canned veggies
-Medications, vitamins and baby milk
-Electrical support: Generators and battery powered lamps
-Media crews


Money Transfer or Wire:

Bank Name: Bank of America
Account Name: The New Libya Foundation
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Account # Protected content

The New Libya Foundation is a District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation operating as a charitable organization. Our application for tax exemption Protected content is in process. Donations are retroactively tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

About The Libya Outreach Group:
Founded in the wake of the Libyan revolution, the Libya Outreach Group is a global action-oriented group of professional Libyans dedicated to raising awareness, facilitating outreach, and mobilizing humanitarian support for the Libyan people.

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