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iPhone options (Tunis)

Hi there,

I got an iPhone for xmas, which I want to take to Tunis with me. I have been looking at the different mobile providers (Tunisiana, Telecom, Orange) and it seems that only Orange offers micro SIM cards and tarifs for iPhones.

I had a look at what they offer - Mix and Optima, and Optima looks like a MUCH better deal, but the question is, wheter one has to buy an iPhone and then stick to the contract for 24 months, or if it is possible to get the contract without having to buy the phone? I wrote to Orange (in very bad French), will see what they say, but maybe one of you has had the same problem!

And are there any other providers? I have a contract with Orange here in Austria, which I can't wait to end, they are getting on my nerves....

Bonne annee to all of you!

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