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Kitten in need - urgent (Tunis)

Hi everybody!
Yesterday I found a kitten with a gangrenous leg in Bizerte. I brought it to a veterinary to suppress it because it was suffering a lot. The vet didn't want to kill it and only cut its leg.
Now it has to stay in a box for Protected content and take antibiotics. I'm travelling few days and then I'll be back to Poland where I live, and I cannot bring it with me.

Maybe you know someone who can keep the box with the cat inside in his garage/garden for Protected content . After that period the cat can go back to the street where it could be fed from time to time.
Or maybe do you happen to know an animal orphanage in Tunisia.

I know there are a lot of stray cats in Tunisia, but this one looked very bad and it was suffering a lot.
I bought medicines and food. No further expenses are needed.

You can contact me at: Protected content

Thanks in advance!

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