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Motivation and Culture (Tunis)

Hello everybody,
according to a university project i need find out how much everyone of you is influenced by culture in his/her job.
It would be so kind if some of you take the time and answer some of the questions below!
Best regards,

1. How important is dedication and involvement in projects and work life for you?
2. When you have some great ideas for a new project or the company would you explain them to your superiors?
3. How important is culture in business life? Do you feel inspired by culture?
4. Do you act according to cultural rules in business life?
5. Would you like to take more responsibility sometimes?
6. How can you and your workmates be motivated? Which factors encourage motivation?
7. Are there different kinds of trainings in your company? Is your company interested in developing your knowledege?
8. How do you solve problems? Do you take part in problem solving or do you prefer that your superiors deal with it?
9. Are you fine with the current situation in your work life or would you be pleased by introducing new systems?
10. Did you have practical experiences, workshops in your previous education?
11. What comes into your mind by the sentence "Think outside the box"?

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