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Moving to Tunis


Hello everyone! I am Enrique, from Madrid (Spain). I came here in look for useful info/tips/advice about moving to Tunisia. Although i hate sparing details i will try to explain my situation in brief. I work as a public official here in Madrid, and because of my current position i am allowed to apply for very nice jobs abroad (i am very lucky indeed). So far i never considered moving from Spain, but my life has changed in the past years. I met my girlfriend a couple of years ago, a gorl from Prague, Czech Republic. So far the relationship has been perfect, but as it is after all a distance relationship and we are both around 30...well the thing is that i have decided to apply for those jobs i was explaining at the beginning, regarding this as an opportunitiy for both. Leaving aside i will have a decent salary i want to know as precisely as possible how is life in Tunisia (i will compare to other choices i have, like Dakar, Ankara, Beirut or Dubai). I always heard Tunisia is a nice place for expats, in spite of the recent events from a couple of years ago that i've heard brought some inestability. I am especially interested in info for my girlfriend, as she is the one that i have to convince...Whether there would be opportunities for her (she is a well experienced lawyer, i know how lawyers find it hard to work abroad but maybe still some international bureau?), and practical info regarding life for expats women. Appart from that, just the general day by day in Tunis taking into account i am used to European standards (for sure i am aware of some differences but i cannot go deep into detail). Thank u so much in advance i will really appreciate any feedback i got from any of the group members. Best regards,

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