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Opening a bank account (Tunis)

Hi guys,

I would very much appreciate your input on the following topic:

I think it will be necessary to open a bank account in Tunisia that has an online banking option, as I will have to pay my rent and buy a car and everything, but will receive my salary/allowances on my Austrian bank account.

This might sound stupid, but over here, foreigners will have to be living in the country to be entitled to have a bank account (I think it is 6 months or something as ridiculous as this). Does this also account for Tunisia? Or is it simply a matter of walking into a bank, showing them the passport, provide them with the work address and walk out again with everything in place?

And if you do have experience on this, do you also know if it is possible to have an account in Euro (I know that this option exists in Egypt)? Which banks offer good deals, regarding online banking and cost of account and that?

Thanks a lot for your input!

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