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Politics students/journalists (Tunis)

The Exchange is an effort by and its partners to promote understanding and academic enrichment through a variety of city-focused conferences in and around the Middle East and North Africa.

During their stay, typically lasting from one to two weeks, students and professionals from around the world engage directly with some of the leading intellectuals, academics and political leaders in the country - representing a variety of different viewpoints.

The First Exchange was launched in June Protected content Beirut, Lebanon. Now, seven years on, almost Protected content from 48 different countries have participated, with many going on to work as diplomats in their home countries, for NGOs serving the region and as social entrepreneurs.

The following five Exchanges will be offered over the coming months:

* The 13th Beirut Exchange (One Week Program), March 22-March Protected content below)
* The GCC Exchange (Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Doha), June 6-June 14
* The 3rd Turkey Exchange (Istanbul & Ankara), June 21-July 4
* The 14th Beirut Exchange (Two Week Program), July 5-July 19
* The 6th Tunis Exchange, July 21-July 31

To view previous Exchange programs in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Tunis and the Gulf, as well as media coverage of our efforts, visit Protected content

View the CNN report on The Beirut Exchange here.

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NOTE: Tuition discounts, beyond standard financial aid allocations for those applicants with demonstrated need, are available for alumni of previous Exchange programs as well as students who wish to attend more than one Exchange. For more information, please email Protected content

March Protected content , 2015
Application Deadline March 1, Protected content
Limited spaces available/Rolling acceptance

The Beirut Exchange program rests on two tracks:

Academic - Participants will attend a series of lectures and colloquia led by leading academics and public intellectuals in Lebanon. Topics will include: The Arab Uprisings; The Syrian conflict and its regional implications; The Islamic State; The Special Tribunal for Lebanon; The United Nations as peacekeeper and mediator; Engaging political Islam; Asymmetrical conflict: The July Protected content War; Human Rights in Lebanon and the wider Middle East; Sectarianism and its deployment, as well as a range of other topics.

Dialogue with Leaders - Participants will have the opportunity to meet, listen and engage leading social, political and economic actors from across the spectrum in Lebanon.

NOTE: Due to the current security situation in Lebanon, the Thirteenth Beirut Exchange will generally restrict its meetings in and around Beirut, although at least one trip to the North and one trip to the South is planned.

View a previous full program for the Beirut Exchange at: Protected content

Monday, January 5
9am - Nicholas Noe,
1: Protected content Mhanna, Samir Kassir Foundation
4pm - Omar Nashabe, Consultant for the Defense Counsel at the STL
7pm - Jihad Yazigi, The Syria Report

Tuesday, January 6
9:30am - Karim Makdisi, American University of Beirut
1:30pm - Discussion section
3:30pm - Bashir Saade, Edinburgh University
6pm - Anne Barnard, New York Times
8pm - Nicolas Pouillard, Institut Français du Proche-Orient

Wednesday, January 7
10am - Discussion section
12:30pm - Shadi Karam, Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister
2:15pm - Nick Blanford, Times of London/Daily Star
4pm - Ibrahim Moussawi, Al-Manar TV
5: Protected content Sly, Washington Post

Thursday, January 8
9am - Alice Arrue, UNIFIL
10:30am - Angelina Eichhorst, EU Delegation to the Lebanese Republic
11:30am - Ahmed Fatfat, Future Movement
1:30pm - The Special Tribunal for Lebanon Staff
7pm - Abdullah Dardari, United Nations

Friday, January 9
9am - Makram Rabah, Georgetown University
11:30pm - Zizette Darkazally, UNRWA
4:30pm - Sami Gemayel, Kataeb
7pm - Mohammad Obeid, Hizbullah

Saturday, January 10
10:30am - Vincent Battle, Former US Ambassador
12pm - Ali Hamdan, AMAL
4pm - Mustapha Alloush, Future Movement

Sunday, January 11
1:30pm- Trip to the South ("Resistance Museum at Mleeta," weather permitting)
5pm - Walid Jumblatt, Progressive Socialist Party

Monday, January 12
10am - Rabih Shibley, AUB
1pm - Alain Aoun, Free Patriotic Movement
2pm - Antoine Zahra, Lebanese Forces
3:30pm - Eli Khoury, Saatchi & Saatchi/Quantum
5pm - Hanin Ghaddar, Now Lebanon
8: Protected content @ Muzzienne Restaurant

Tuesday, January 13
9:30am - Ali Qanso, Lebanese Armed Forces General Directorate
11:30am - Mohammad Afif, Hizbullah
1pm - Nadim Houri, Human Rights Watch
2:30pm - May Akl, Free Patriotic Movement
4:30pm - Becharra Rai, Patriarch of the Maronite Church
7pm - Nadim Gemayel, Kateab

Wednesday, January 14
10am - Ali Fayyad, Hizbullah
11:30am - Mohammad Qabbani, Former Sunni Mufti of Lebanon


* Tuition - $900; Partial financial aid is available for those students and individuals that can demonstrate need.

* Accommodation - $420; Except for those students already residing in Lebanon, we recommend that all participants in the Exchange reside at the conference hotel during the duration of the seven day program. The hotel, located near Downtown Beirut, is priced at approximately $60 per person/per night, including all taxes and breakfast, for a shared double room (we will arrange for sharing). Single rooms are available for $110 per night.

* Airfare - $400; Approximate from the European Union.

At the discretion of the student, tuition is 50% refundable up to three weeks before the program commences. (Airline tickets and accommodation should be purchased with travel insurance.)

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Visit our Facebook page and ask alumni questions at: Protected content

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