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TUNIS- one of the cheapest cities (Tunis)

International standing in quality of life: Tunis, one of the cheapest cities in the world

The renowned magazine 'International Living', widely read by frequent travelers and highly skilled expatriates , published in its September edition the annual ranking of cities based on the cost of living, starting with the most expensive cities in the world and ending with the cheapest ones. Out of the Protected content cities, the Tunisian capital, Tunis , is ranked 297th that is only three positions ahead of Sana’a, the cheapest city in the world. The Japanese capital Tokyo is still on top of the classification. The ranking is based on a study of the cost of various services and needs: health, clothing, education, catering, recreation, transportation ....

Being cheaper does not necessarily mean neglecting the quality of service provision since in the ranking of countries where life is good (quality of life index ), Tunisia ranks in the first basket group (the Protected content are divided into three baskets) along with almost exclusively European and American countries and to a lesser extent a few Asian dragons. Tunisia has achieved a score of 59 points on an index of Protected content , while France, the first country where life is good, scored 82 points. The final score obtained by a country is an average of the scores recorded in the following categories: Safety and Risk, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Health, Infrastructure….

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