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New in Turin


Hi all,

last weekend I visited Turin for the first time. From December onward this city will become my new home! I've been living in Shanghai for the last 5 years. I am travelling a lot for work, but in my free time I want to enjoy the city to the top.
Can't wait for the move!

I've got several questions, but will limit it to 2 for the moment... :)

1. Is there a good online cityguide about Turin that is updated with events (concerts, musicals, theatre,...), where people can leave reviews on restaurants/bars,..., where newly opened places are announced,...?
In Italian or English?

2. Is anybody aware of movie theatres that play movies in their original language? I'm planning on learning Italian, but I still like to watch movies in their original language (In Belgium and Shanghai we are used to subtitled movies)

In a previous thread i found:

--> Cinema Massimo near Palazzo Nuovo University

--> Cinema "Centrale Arthouse"
Via Carlo Alberto, 27, Tel: Protected content .

Any more options?

I hope I can soon join the next Turin meet-up!



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