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Cafe in UB (Ulaanbaatar)

Hello, people! Nice to see you.
My name is Yoshi from Nagoya, Japan.
I`m an office worker in Nagoya city.
I have visited Mongolia several times and could make a lot of Mongolian friends.
I liked UB city as well.

I have been having a dream to establish a cats cafe in UB someday.
Cats Cafe is a cafe where people can play with cats as they take cups of coffee.
In Mongolia there is no zoo. Even in UB city. My friend told me Mongolia is such a very cold country, and that African animals cannot live in this cold climate...
Then I thought this could be a good opportunity to have something like a zoo-like-cafe in UB city.

I`m looking for info regarding company registrations, requirements to do with Ministry of Internal Affairs Mongolia and initial costs for the registrations.

If you know any info regarding above, please tell me. Or if you know any foreigners who run cafe business in UB city, please tell me. Like, how they establish that business.

I`m thinking about that small cafe business after 5 years from now.

Yoshi Inamoto

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