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Moving to Canada with a "remote" job in the US (Vancouver)


I'm a Mexican citizen. I currently work for an American company based in WA (USA), from my hometown in Mexico (I work remotely). I'd love to move with my family to Vancouver, BC, as it's a short drive distance from my office. I have checked the Canadian Immigration web page, but unfortunately, I don't fit in any of their visa categories, as I'm not looking for a job offer, nor I have the funds to invest in Canada. :(

Me and my wife thought we could try to get a student visa for her, and that seems to have better chances. We have a 6-yr old son, so the student visa should help us get a spouse and children visas, too. :)

With this in mind, I have some questions for you, guys, and I'm pretty sure someone here will be able to help us answer them:

1) Do you know any person or organization in Canada that we can contact to ask about our situation, and see what type of visa and requirements need to be fullfilled?

2) Has anyone here get a student visa (and then has been able to get a spouse and child visas as well) studying English (or French)?

3) Could anyone recommend any schools (college, university or language school) where adults can go and study English / French that can help us get the student visas, or provide the necessary documents to get them ourselves?

If further details are needed, don't hesitate to contact me, so I can provide them at length.

Thanks, and have an awesome weekend! :)

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