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plans to move to Canada (Vancouver)

Hello there! My name is Van Damme Isabelle. I'm 37 and live with my partner Karl and 2 kids in Belgium. My partner works as a self-employed contractor for various airlines. I'm working for almost 17 years as a nurse, and the last 11 years as a breast nurse (guiding breast cancer patients throughout the entire process of diagnosis and treatment). Our dream has always been to start a new life abroad, and now is the time to make that dream come true.My friend could work for KF aviation (probably Kelowna), for which the negotiations are in full swing.I could work as a nurse or maybe something completely different, I'm not completely out of that yet. Of course we have a lot of questions ... and with this I hope that you can give some answers.
-Is there a high demand for nurses in Canada? Can you also work as a home nurse? Can I get started with my bachelor degree, or do I have to go through a certain procedure?
-What about housing? Is it better to rent something first and what are the possibilities? Is there such a thing as an air bnb?
-How do you get a bank card without a fixed address.
-We would like to register our children for school. Have certain periods been set for this? A school in Belgium starts in September and ends at the end of June. Is this the same in Canada?
-My biggest dream is to work with horses ... Would it be possible to find work on a ranch, and maybe the possibility to stay there in the beginning?
A lot of questions, I know ;-), and there are many more ... That will also have been the case with you.
I would like to thank you in advance to take the time to read my post and better answer it too. Thank you very much.

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