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Beach volley anybody? (Verona)

Hey there,
in the last months I've been arranging some beach volley matches as often as I could (no regular schedule as I work shifts, so random days but mostly in the evenings as other people usually are busy at daytime).

At the moment I run a whatsapp group I created on purpose and where I added all the generally interested people I've found (italian language unfortunately).
I'd like to find internations members who could be interested to join us when we struggle to find enough players, or, on a longer run, start a dedicated group here :)

So, if you're interested drop me a line and please specify when you would be generally free (ie whether you work office time or you may be available also during the day, if you are usually in town in weekends or this is not an option for you, etc).

We don't play the hardcore 2 vs 2 version, but at least 3 vs 3 or more commonly 4 vs 4.
In summer we play outdoor, in the city (torricelle) or around (lifts usually available). In other seasons we use an indoor court in the outskirt of Verona (San Giovanni Lupatoto). The price varies according to the court and number of attendees, and of course time (usually between 1 and 2 hours), but it's anyway between 3 and 6 euros max.

There's no strict requirement about skills or shape, although of course I expect you to have the basic skills and a bit of experience just to avoid spoiling the game for everybody else. Still, nobody is a pro and many of us are not in their 20ies anymore unfortunately :D

NB: I'd like to play volleyball too, so not on sand but on a "solid" court.. if you know about any place available for that, please also let me know!

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