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Cultural Clashes (Victoria)

Even countries like New Zealand that are supposedly so close to Britain in terms of culture are different! Fundamentally so. Therefore when you relocate overseas and begin from a point of admiring all that is different, you need to know that at some point you will come across issues and differences that begin to niggle you.

These niggles will increase occasionally to the point at which you disbelieve what you’re witnessing and you really question how and why you’re living in this God forsaken country where nothing works – gaaa! This is an entirely normal reaction! However, it’s how you handle the long-term understanding that there are aspects of your new nation that you maybe don’t understand and certainly don’t appreciate that counts.

At this point it usually helps to keep the following in mind: 1) there are many aspects of your new nation that you love, that work far better than where you lived before and that make living abroad excellent and 2) there is plenty about your old home nation that is absolutely wrong and flawed too.

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