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Feeling Lonely / Missing Family & Friends (Victoria)

This of course ties in with the above point, and 34% of expats surveyed by HSBC highlighted this as a genuine worry. Recent statistical evidence from the Centre of Future Studies also reveals that the expats who adjust most successfully and quickly are those who relocate with families…

So, in order to deal with this issue you have a number of options. You could plan to relocate as an entire family unit if that is desirable and practicable – alternatively you could put firm and solid plans in place to hook back up with family on as regular a basis as possible.

For those moving a very long distance, is it possible to alternate between having family to stay and you returning to visit them – perhaps adding in a trip to a third country that is relatively equidistant from all family members where you can have a regular reunion?

Of course this incurs an expense, and it is something that has to be planned and budgeted for. It can be restricted depending on all individuals’ work and schooling commitments too.

However, in order to stave off the loneliness, planning for holidays and to hook up can really help. Regular Skype calls and video conferencing can help you keep in touch too…and this can alleviate the worst feelings of homesickness and missing friends and family.

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