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Raising Children (Victoria)

The final concern that expats highlighted in their top 10 for HSBC was related to raising children abroad. Worries expat parents have range from finding good schooling to helping their children make friends and settle in – and from safety and security concerns to worrying about getting the best medical care for kids overseas if the need should ever arise.

This is possibly the biggest issue of all – after all, parents always want what’s best for their children. So, what can be done to alleviate this concern?

We have a whole series of articles offering advice on the multiple elements that expat parents face – try these 5 to be going on with, with number 5 showing why, whilst parents’ concerns about moving abroad with children are very important to address, ultimately there are far more pros associated with bringing up children in a new nation and opening their minds to new languages, cultures and horizons.

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