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Retiring to Victoria from Seattle.


My wife and I are exploring the idea of retiring to Victoria, BC. My wife is Canadian who was born and lived in Victoria until the early 80s. I was born in the US, but have relatives on the Island also, my mother is Canadian and I have an Aunt and cousins scattered all the way from Nanaimo to Whitehorse. We will probably retire in less than 10 years. although that is not set in stone. I may continue to work part-time in my same job just to get the medical.

We own a home in the Seattle area that is payed for, but we're not sure what we will do with it. We're toying with the idea of using it for rental income, but it will need some upgrades, like a new roof, kitchen and some other work, like painting. That's IF we decide to retire to Victoria. If not, the upgrades are still needed if we make this our retirement home.

We're looking for information about the cost of living compared to the Seattle area, and other considerations on making the move. We would very much like to hear from expats from this area who made the move and what your experience was like with the logistics, legal, personal and any other things to consider.

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