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The Language Barrier (Victoria)

The language barrier can become a real hurdle for expatriates who want to integrate well. Whilst in many international locations English is spoken or understood at least in the business environment, if you want to get to know the locals and more about your new nation, a good understanding of the local language will be required.

The only way to overcome a language barrier is through hard work and dedication! Boring I know! But you can start to put some effort in before you even move, and then once you’re immersed in your new nation you will find every opportunity to practice what you’re learning. Take lessons, insist colleagues speak to you in the local tongue, buy baby books and tabloid papers, children’s magazines and teach yourself to read! The harder you work at it the quicker it will come, and actually, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to speak a foreign language so well you are complimented by your colleagues and peers on a daily basis. It can and will happen for you if you just keep working at it.

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