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The Relocation Process (Victoria)

Anyone facing a long-distance move will be daunted at the prospect of the entire process – but fortunately so many have already made such a move that we can all benefit from their insight and hindsight.

From using the services of a professional relocation company which will pack you up, ship you out and even find you a new home abroad, to just calling on the experiences of anyone you know who has moved overseas can really be beneficial.

The best relocations start with a lot of lists – because they are a way for any soon-to-be expat to clearly determine what has to be done ahead of the move. With clarity of thought comes less stress – and less stress is what we all need to aim for when making a massive transition in life!

I believe in using any help offered and available – and having someone pack all your belongings and ship them, deliver them and even unpack them may be expensive, but trust me, if you can afford it, it is money exceptionally well spent for the time it saves you.

Taking a reconnaissance trip to your new nation to scout out a new home for at least the short-term following your move is also money and time well spent. If you know where you’re going, what to expect and that you will have a roof over your head while you settle in gives you massive peace of mind.

Asking fellow expats on forums and social networking sites for any tips and advice can be beneficial to help you plan, and as long as you keep on top of all aspects of the move with your lists (!) you should find the process flows along and takes you with it relatively smoothly.

There will be a bump or a hurdle or two – it is inevitable – but be as prepared as you can be and keep your focus on the fact that you’ll soon be living the life of your dreams in a fascinating new nation which is ripe and ready for your to explore and enjoy.

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