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The world is exploding around us (Vienna)

The world is exploding around us. Everyday, there are new posts of more terror, accusations, retaliation and condemnation. I have read about children being hunted down by missiles before being exploded into tangled bits. I have asked myself if it is really possible that some civilians freely choose to watch and applaud as bombs drop on neighboring states. I struggle to grasp the fact that an airliner filled with hundreds of passengers has been shot out of the air. Hundreds of lives annihilated within seconds by someone operating a missile more than twenty thousand meters below on the ground. I wonder just how desperate a parent must be to choose to pay enormous sums of money, which they do not have, to allow complete strangers to smuggle their ten or eight or five year old child into a foreign country. Some are probably hoping against hope to give their children a better life while others, I fear, may be harboring alteriar motives. Drug wars continue to rage with guns supplied by government states. Lies, corruption and deceit are being disguised and fed to us as words and deeds by so called "LEADERS" But what is even more shocking is that when state heads do speak the truth, their words are so shocking that it makes you pray that they were lieing. How can a head of State admit to another in front of the public media that "yes, we are targeting civilians and trying to MAXIMISE civilian casualties."?

Insanity is raging on all fronts in between blood, bombs, debris, deterioration, fire, fractured bones and human remains! Brutality and barbarity are becoming the norm. It seems as though the world is becoming completely polarized as egos rage rampant like wildfires and wars are fought in the streets for economic gain, while the world watches on T.V and on their hand helds. We are being brainwashed, distracted and sedated into idleness, lassitude, apathy and downright paralysis. Violence has become so commonplace in our entertainment industry that we no longer twitch when we see true carnality. Ancient Rome has risen. Once again, we witness the masses being sedated with mere "Bread and Games"!

It is so easy to forget what is happening as we go about our daily lives. Well maybe not forget but at least push it aside, back into the most remote corners of our minds. It is understandable. After all, it allows us time to recover while we go about more pleasant pursuits. We are so blessed here in this haven called Austria. But still we must not turn away, eyes shut in shock or disbelief or perhaps even due to hardened hearts. We must learn to rebuild and reeducate and most of all to start creating change in our world beginning with our own personal circle of influence.

Thank God there are still rational souls who live for tolerance, acceptance, kindness, magnanimity, beauty, joy, goodness of heart, love and peace. More and more are emerging, who see that discrimination, segregation and separation of any kind only causes pain and desperation. The truth is that we need to unlearn and rethink what we have been falsely fed! Perhaps we could start by learning from the youngest of all, children and their innate ability to see other through the windows of their souls, through the eyes of love. We need to reevaluate our values and see exactly who and what they serve. It is only by connecting on a human level, stepping forward, speaking up and uniting on a global level in order to take back controle of our lives and our countries, that we can successfully create a world filled with security, abundance, opportunity and joy as it is meant to be! I do not mean just thinking or radiating these qualities or simply meditating on them. Although that is a start. I mean to proactively live them, starting in our home, our workplace, our community, our city and then moving beyond to create far reaching change.

Maybe I am just ranting. But I do not and can not believe that the current events have left anyone but the most heartless and bloodthirsty unscathed.

Peace, love and my greatest gratitude to all who are striving for a better world, regardless of nationality, religion, belief, or whatever preferance you care to mention. After all, we are all just plain human or as a dear friend of mine likes to say: We are all just souls in a human body.

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